Our robust and comprehensive, expert security services are exactly what you need to assess, eradicate, and defend your organization from The APT.

The APT is all the rage for one very good reason - it's going to get you. Becaue of the 'A' in The APT, you won't know when, or how, and the attackers will work diligently to thwart all of your efforts to stop them. Because of the 'P' in The APT, even if you find them, they will come back - over, and over again. They will also nest like little rats in your systems. Nobody wants rats in their systems.

  • APT Defender Provdes Comprehensive APT Identification Services: Was that just a script kiddie, or was it The APT? We can tell the difference.
  • APT Defender Provides Unrivaled APT Eradication Services: You've used APT Defender to figure out that you have The APT. What do you do next? APT Defender can help you get rid of all of the pesky remnants, leaving your system, clean as a whistle and ready to go.
  • APT Defender Provides Amazing APT Defense Services: We're not called "APT Defender" for nothing! We can help you create a system that simply will not tolerate The APT.
  • APT Defender Uses Robust, Complicated-Sounding Encryption Algorithms: Through years of research and because of the vast experience of our CISSPs, we have developed a unique encryption algorithm for your data in transit as well as at rest. It has been verified as hack-proof, and while we cannot go into the proprietary details, our approach employs ROT-26 and Double XOR technology to protect your data. Why? Because we care, and we're APT Defender - that's why.

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